Completed Projects

2020Established a Pollinator Pathway behind the Pratt House in Essex in collaboration with the Essex Historical Society, Essex Land Trust, Essex Garden Club, and River COG.
2020Electric vehicle charging station installed in Essex
2020Launch of SEED – Sustainable Essex Environmental Discussion – events
2019Essex awarded Bronze Certification in Sustainable CT program
2018Essex Joined Sustainable CT program
2017Essex enrolled in C-Pace program
2016Town Energy Fair/LED Bulb Swap 230 families exchanged 5 incandescent or CFL bulbs for 5 LED bulbs. This effort was funded by a $4,500 grant from the town’s participation in the Clean Energy Communities program. Annual electric savings of approximately $50 per participating household
2016Essex Elementary School – Installed 239 kW Solar PV system on roof
2015The Town of Essex was honored at the Clean Energy Communities (CEC) Awards Ceremony in Wallingford CT for saving 2,051,115 kilowatt-hours of electricity and 8,539 ccf cubic feet of natural gas through a number of initiatives implemented from 2010 to 2015..
2015Energy Audit conducted on buildings in Public Works Complex.
2015Daikin Ductless Mini-split HVAC systems and energy efficient windows installed in Essex Town Hall.
2015Essex Elementary School – Replaced old roof with insulated new roof
2015Public Works – Energy audit performed on buildings in the Public Works Complex
2015Town Hall Install Daikin Ductless Split Systems in the second floor offices and meeting rooms
2015Town Hall – Installed energy efficient windows on 2nd floor
2014Big Belly Solar Trash Compactor installed at Valley Regional High School athletic field. First installation at a public school in state.
2014Solarize Essex campaign adds solar panels to 22 homes, quadrupling residential solar generation capacity from 44 kW to 158 kW
2014Essex Elementary School Power Point Energy performed energy audit
2014Essex Elementary School – Replaced oil boilers with natural gas boilers
2014John Winthrop – Received ZREC award
2014John Winthrop- Installed 129 KW solar photovoltaic system on roof
2014Valley Regional High School – Installed 129 KW solar photovoltaic system on roof
2014Town Residences Solarize Essex quadruples residential solar generation capacity from 44 kW to 202 kW
2014Valley Regional High School – Received ZREC award
2014Valley Regional High School Big Belly Solar Trash Compactor installed at Valley Regional High School athletic field. First installation at a public school in state.
2013John Winthrop Middle School – Power Point Energy performed energy audit
2013John Winthrop – Lighting Retrofit
2013Valley Regional High School Point Energy performed energy audit
2013Valley Regional Lighting Retrofit
2012Town signed Clean Energy Communities Conservation Pledge
2011108 kW DC thin film integrated PV solar array installed on roof of John Winthrop Middle School. Expected to generate 117 mWh’s AC annually.
2011Programmable thermostats installed, automatic outside reset controls installed on boilers and 14 energy efficient windows installed on North side of Town Hall.
2011John Winthrop Middle School- Installed LED lighting in gym
2011Town Hall – Installed new boiler,programmable thermostats and automatic outside reset controls on boilers. Installed 14 energy efficient windows on the north side of the building
2010Comprehensive energy audit completed on Town Hall.
2009Energy Sustainability Policy incorporated in 2005 Plan of Conservation and Development.
2008John Winthrop Middle School – Installed 110 kW Solar PV System on the roof. Implemented several energy savings initiatives, among them a lighting retrofit, CO2 sensors, roof insulation, heat recovery system, VFD’s on motors Projects finished in 2011
2008Audit of Town Hall, Sanitary Landfill & Recycling Center and Public Works Buildings to determine ways to save electrical costs. The Board of Selectmen voted to approve contract with ConnServ to perform energy saving improvements.
2008Presentation of the Small Business Energy Advantage program to the Essex Board of Trade.
2008Provided $250 grant to the Essex Library Association to sponsor a 3-session Clean Energy series to the public.
20082 kWh solar array was installed at the Essex Recycling Center.
2007Provided education about clean renewable energy to the residents of Essex by publishing Letters to the Editor and articles in the Valley Courier, Hartford Courant and Essex Events with the help of a $5000 grant from the Connecticut Green Bank..
2007Essex became a Clean Energy Community with 101.5 enrollments in the CT Clean Energy Options program.
2007Developed energy policy for the Town of Essex and submitted to Board of Selectmen for their review.
2006Board of Selectmen adopted 20% by 2010 Resolution in February. Town of Essex began the purchase of clean energy for town’s electricity needs.
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