Current Projects

Sustainable Essex achieved Bronze Certification in 2019 and is now working towards Silver Certification status for 2020. Current initiatives are highlighted below.

The Sustainable Essex committee has launched its “SEED” environmental discussion series. The first sessions were held on February 29 and March 7th at the Essex Library and focused on reducing municipal waste. Over 30 residents attended these sessions. Additional sessions are tentatively scheduled for May 2nd and May 16th and will focus on the impacts of plastic waste on the environment. Please refer to the Essex Library web site and newsletter, and the Sustainable Essex web page for details about forthcoming sessions.
Additionally, the committee has been looking into the feasibility of installing an Electric Vehicle Charging Station in town. With the increased availability of electric cars and corresponding growing number of electric cars on the road, the committee feels it’s important to provide an easily accessible place to re-charge. The committee has received bids from EV manufacturers as well as input on best locations, and is currently exploring funding options.

Essex Historical Society, Sustainable Essex, the Essex Land Trust, the Essex Garden Club, and River COG are collaborating on the design and planting of a ‘Pollinator Pathway’ garden behind the Pratt House in Essex. The garden is scheduled to be planted in the spring. Since this is an outdoor activity, we’re hopeful that Covid-19 won’t delay this great initiative, The concept of a ‘Pollinator Pathway’ began in 2007 as a civic design project in Seattle to address the problems caused by fragmentation of the global landscape by rapid urbanization, industrial agriculture, and use of pesticides, resulting in disruption of native plant and pollinator interactions. Since pollinators are the reproductive strategy of 80% of the planet’s plant life, they are the foundation of the ecosystem. What began as a civic design project in Seattle has spread across the country with many cities and towns doing what they can to improve pollinator habitat. For more information on this in the Northeast go to

The premise of the ‘Pollinator Pathway’ project is that by connecting green spaces across the world, biological life is supported in a fragmented landscape.

We hope to have the garden installed and ready for viewing by June 1st. If you’d like to get involved with this community project, we’re happy to have you join us to help with planting, light weeding, watering and or funding. Please email to let us know how you’d like to get involved.
As an educational tool, seed packets of pollinator friendly plants are available (free of charge) to encourage people to help the pathway grow by planting them in their own yards. Please help us celebrate Earth Day 2020 by picking up a free seed packet at the Essex or Ivoryton library and planting it in your yard.


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