Solar on Schools

Essex Elementary School
In 2016, Essex Elementary School installed a 239 kW solar photovoltatic system on its roof.

Essex elementary
Photo: Google Maps

John Winthrop Middle School
In 2014, the 129 KW solar installation atop the John Winthrop Middle School was completed.

“The solar panels are estimated to save the district some $25,000 a year in electric costs, which means the capital outlay will be paid back in five to six years. The project, which cost $650,000, was financed in parts by grants from the Connecticut Clean Energy Fund and the Connecticut Bureau of School Facilities. Over a period of 35 years, it is anticipated that generating some of its own electricity from solar panels will save Regional District 4 more than $1 million.” – Rita Christopher, Courier Senior Correspondent, The Day.

winthrop solar
Photo: Google Maps

Valley Regional High School
In 2014, Valley Regional High School completed the installation of a 129 KW solar photovoltaic system on the roof.

valley regional
Photo: Google Maps


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