Strategic and Inclusive Public Services

These actions pertain to recycling, waste reduction, and composting. Towns are encouraged to recycle additional materials, such as batteries, mattresses, and clothes, to implement the SMART program (Save Money and Reduce Waste), and designate smoke-free locations in the town.

Completed Actions

7.1 Hold a Sustainability Event

  • Objective:
    • Bring together your community in fun, informative, and constructive ways, through energetic events that can enroll residents and business owners in sustainability practices.
  • Completion:
    • To complete this action, the committee held a number of sustainability events including Solarize Essex and the town Energy Fair and Bulb Swap.

7.7 Recycle Additional Materials and Compost Organics

  • Objective:
    • Reduce residential solid waste and increase recycling of non-mandated materials and organics composting.
  • Completion:
    • To complete this action, the town of Essex actively participates in the regional Household Hazardous Waste collection, and the Recycling Center and Transfer Station accept more items than required by the CT DEEP.