Sustainability Actions

Sustainable CT is a town certification program that recognizes and rewards towns that are active in improving their sustainability efforts environmentally and economically in an equitable manner. In order to become certified, a town “must complete one action from each of the nine action categories to receive either Bronze or Silver certification. Many Sustainable CT actions have variable points, which means there are several ways to complete the action. All you need to do is achieve one of the designated point levels listed for that action to consider it complete.”

Action Title Status
1. Thriving Local Economies
1.1 Support Redevelopment of Brownfield Sites
1.2 Implement Sustainable Purchasing
1.3 Inventory and Promote Local Retail Options Completed
1.4 Provide Resources and Supports to Local Businesses
1.5 Promote Sustainable Workforce Development
1.6 Participate in and Promote C-Pace Program Completed
2. Well-Stewarded Land and Natural Resources
2.1 Provide Watershed Education
2.2 Create a Watershed Management Plan
2.3 Engage in Watershed Protection and Restoration
2.4 Develop an Open Space Plan
2.5 Create a Natural Resource and Wildlife Inventory
2.6 Manage for Drought and Municipal Water Use
2.7 Provide Education on Water Conservation
2.8 Implement Low Impact Development
2.9 Manage Woodlands and Forests Completed
2.10 Facilitate Invasive Species Education and Management Completed
2.11 Implement Green Grounds and Maintenance Program
3. Vibrant and Creative Cultural Ecosystems
3.1 Map Tourism and Cultural Assets Completed
3.2 Support Arts and Creative Culture
3.3 Develop a Creative Placemaking Plan
3.4 Provide an Arts and Culture Program for Youth
4. Dynamic and Resilient Planning
4.1 Integrate Sustainability into POCD Completed
4.2 Adapt Permitting Process to Promote Sustainable Development
4.3 Develop Agricultural-Friendly Practices
4.4 Assess Climate Vulnerability Completed
4.5 Inventory and Assess Historic Resources
4.6 Streamline Solar Permitting for Small Solar Installations
5. Clean and Diverse Transportation Systems and Choices
5.1 Implement Complete Streets Completed
5.2 Promote Effective Parking Management
5.3 Encourage Smart Commuting
5.4 Support Zero Emission Vehicle Deployment
5.5 Promote Public Transit and Other Mobility Strategies Completed
6. Efficient Physical Infrastructure and Operations
6.1 Benchmark and Track Energy Use Completed
6.2 Reduce Energy Use Across All Municipal Buildings Completed
6.3 Achieve High Energy Performance for Individual Buildings Completed
6.4 Increase Use of Renewable Energy in Municipal Buildings Completed
6.6 Manage Municipal Fleets
6.7 Install Efficient Street Lights
6.8 Implement a Community Energy Campaign Completed
7. Strategic and Inclusive Public Services
7.1 Hold a Sustainability Event Completed
7.2 Provide Effective Community Communications
7.3 Train Municipal Commissions
7.4 Encourage Healthy and Sustainable Food Networks
7.5 Report Materials Management Data and Reduce Waste
7.6 Implement Save Money and Reduce Trash (SMART) Program
7.7 Recycle Additional Materials Completed
7.8 Develop a Food Waste Reduction Campaign
7.9 Conduct Health Impact Assessments
7.10 Encourage Smoke-Free and Tobacco-Free Public Spaces
8. Healthy, Efficient and Diverse Housing
8.1 Design and Implement a Housing Needs Assessment
8.2 Grow Sustainable and Affordable Housing Options Completed
8.3 Benchmark Energy and Water Use for Multifamily Housing
9. Inclusive and Equitable Community Impacts
9.1 Optimize for Equity Completed
10. Innovation Action
10.1 Innovation Action Completed
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