Thriving Local Economies

Completed Actions

1.6 Participate in and Promote the C-PACE Program

  • Objective
    • Empower your community’s commercial property owners to reduce energy consumption by making clean energy improvements such as energy-efficient boilers, upgraded insulation, new windows, or solar installations, with affordable, long-term financing from Commercial Property Assessment Clean Energy (C-PACE), a program of Connecticut Green Bank.
  • Completion
    • To complete this action, the Committee worked to pass a municipal resolution to opt-in to C-PACE, sign a legal agreement with C-PACE, and post a link to information about C-PACE on the municipality’s website.

Actions in progress

1.4 Provide Resources and Supports to Local Businesses

  • Objective:
    • Provide inclusive and accessible resources and support to the full range of diverse local businesses on a wide variety of topics, such as preparing businesses for post-disaster conditions and permitting and land use issues.
  • What needs to be done:
    • Create and maintain a business-to-business registry to promote peer learning, the sharing of best practices, and mutual support.
    • Identify or create, and then disseminate a toolkit for pre-disaster business preparedness and for post-disaster conditions.
    • Host one or more business roundtables with municipal officials and staff to support dialogue.
    • Create or support Small Business Development Centers, Main Street Programs, Tourism Boards, Central Business Development Districts, or other comparable entities by providing municipal leadership support, municipal staff time, and funding.
    • Invite businesses to participate in at least three events to build community recognition, provide access to potential customers, and connect the businesses to civic and community organizations.


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