Well-Stewarded Land and Natural Resources

Actions In Progress

2.7 Provide Education on Water Conservation

  • Objective:
    • Educate and empower all businesses and residents to reduce their water use.
  • What needs to be done:
    • Sponsor or host a water conservation education workshop that targets local businesses and residents in your community.
    • Identify and disseminate water conservation educational materials to businesses and residents through multiple communications channels, such as online, at events, printed materials.

2.10 Facilitate Invasive Species Education and Management

  • Objective:
    • Inspire your community to support, sustain and restore species diversity in the municipality, and therefore maintain the health and resilience of the town’s natural areas.
  • What needs to be done:
    • On your municipal website post invasive species education resources. Provide links to sources outlining invasive species identification and removal techniques.
    • Host or sponsor an educational workshop for residents about invasive species and removal processes.