Community Involvement: Increase involvement in and support of clean-energy projects and policies among residents of Essex and surrounding towns. Engage residents in local projects that minimize energy waste and support conservation of energy resources.

Outreach: Cooperate and partner with organizations that promote compatible goals, including managed growth, sustainable development, preservation of bio-diversity, recycling, and other activities that reduce carbon dioxide emissions, promote soil and water conservation. Support, promote and help implement local and national energy policies and programs.

Education: Raise awareness of the depletion of non-renewable energy sources and the availability of clean-energy alternatives. Promote energy education and awareness for needed changes among Essex residents.

Non-Partisan Public Policy: Direct public policy toward the use of clean energy. Improve energy conservation practices of the town and its residents. Engage all political parties equally, and encourage town government to enact transportation, land-use and energy policies, programs and standards that support energy-efficiency and sustainability.

Energy Technology: Support the development and awareness for the availability of renewable energy sources. Promote clean, renewable energy technologies, including wind, solar and other types of clean energy production in the Lower Connecticut River Valley area.