Past Events

Introduction to the Essex 3 Villages Source to Sea Cleanup event

Resource sheet

CT River Inspiration – A talk with artist Kate Hair

Resource sheet for “CT River Inspiration – a talk with artist Kate Hair”

Your Connecticut River

Resources for “Your Connecticut River”:

Resource sheet

The CT River at Essex: A Local History of Thatchbed Island and Surrounds

Resource sheet for “The CT River at Essex”

Plastic and People

Resources for “Plastic and People”:

Plastic pollution in marine environments presentation

Cool things you can do at home to slow climate change

Resources for “Cool things you can do at home to slow climate change”:

Resource sheet

Donation Guide New Haven County

Essex food scrap collection process

What do we do with our old computers?

Resources for “What do we do with our old computers?”

Connecticut Recyclers Coalition presentation

CT DEEP presentation

TAKE2 presentation

Take a look at our past virtual SEED events!

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